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Namasté with AKO Yoga & Hexamoll® DINCH

The new year 2020 has just begun: Have you made a New Year’s resolution? If not, here’s one for you: make 2020 your Yoga-Year! Yoga strengthens your muscles, reduces stress, trains your attention, helps with weight loss but most important – it’s a lot of fun! To get the most out of your Yoga-Year, you need a high-quality yoga mat: if they are made from PVC, they show the longest durability.


A.Kolckmann GmbH is a long-term customer of BASF and uses Hexamoll® DINCH in their PVC yoga mats of the AKO Yoga line. They produce their mats solely in Alfdorf in southern Germany. With AKO Yoga, Yogis get non-slip mats with a stable surface, good grip and excellent cushioning qualities, which yet remain flexible and pleasantly soft. The mats come in a variety of thicknesses and designs.


But one of the key aspects is the fact that the yoga mats are free from phthalates and are certified with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Class 1. This class also includes articles for babies and toddlers and is the highest achievable standard for textile products. Hexamoll® DINCH contributed to this certification as it is a raw material that adheres to strict rules and is suitable to be an ingredient in textiles (product classes I to IV) that comply with the strict requirements of OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.

Hexamoll® DINCH is the trusted non-phthalate plasticizer especially developed for applications with close human contact: Yoga mats are one application, but Hexamoll® DINCH is also ideal for medical devices, children’s toys or food contact materials as it has an excellent toxicological profile and is approved and certified by many authorities and institutions worldwide.

Cornelius Sorg, managing director of A. Kolckmann GmbH, underlines that Hexamoll® DINCH’s suitability for OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 compliant textiles is one of their main motivations to use this plasticizer. They even developed their product portfolio further and introduced baby mats with Hexamoll® DINCH.

Quality is important for A. Kolckmann GmbH and Cornelius Sorg further explains: “We continuously improved over time and in this context replaced our previous plasticizer with Hexamoll® DINCH, which is the perfect solution for us. We do not need a lot of plasticizer in the formulation, but we are able to achieve a soft mat that fulfills our customers’ requirements. In fact, we also tested alternative non-phthalate plasticizers, but we decided to use BASF’s Hexamoll® DINCH not only because of the product properties but also because of the technical support of BASF. The employees assisted us in adjusting our formulation and we very much value the expertise, which BASF offers us with their highly-skilled technical marketing team and own laboratory.”


We at BASF are happy to partner with AKO Yoga and look forward to our Yoga-Year 2020!

Here, you can find more information on AKO Yoga and on Hexamoll® DINCH.


Images: A. Kolckmann GmbH