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Within BASF’s Sustainable Solution Steering approach, Hexamoll® DINCH is classified as an “Accelerator” with substantial sustainability contribution in the value chain.

BASF's Sustainable Solution Steering approach

Our customers expect from BASF the consistent and innovative solutions they have always received. At the same time, they want to contribute to a more sustainable future where being environmentally and socially responsible goes hand in hand with running a profitable business. Therefore, BASF has embedded sustainability in its corporate purpose: “We create chemistry for a sustainable future.”

By identifying key drivers and issues in our customers’ industries, we are able to assess the sustainability contribution of each of our products in its specific application.

With our Sustainable Solution Steering approach, we evaluate the entire value chain considering industry- and region-specific views in our markets. We strive to achieve a balance between the three dimensions of sustainability:

- Economy: e.g. potential cost savings for customers through the use of our products

- Environment: e.g. ensuring standards are met, developing environmentally sound solutions

- Society: e.g. enhancing safety in production, use or end-of-life, stakeholder perception of solutions

Finally, each solution is assigned to one of four categories (Accelerator, Performer, Transitioner, Challenged) according to its contribution to sustainability. Although different industries vary in their specific needs, we are able to cluster our Accelerator solutions into predefined universal sustainability benefits (e.g. resource efficiency).


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