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Leasure & Sports Products

Sports & leasure products are heavily used and exposed to a lot of external influences: weather, human interaction and other materials.

Plasticizers are used in various applications in this segment and need to show certain characteristics to contribute to a high quality and long lifespan of the end-product. The plasticizers furthermore need to be compatible with a range of other ingredients and make the end-product risistant to scratching and fading. 

But sports & leasure products also need to be safe in close human interaction and therefore, Hexamoll® DINCH as the non-phthalate plasticizer, especially developed for close human contact, is an ideal fit.

Below, you find examples of application areas and how Hexamoll® DINCH contributes to a safe and durable product.

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Sports & leasure products are in close dermal contact and should neither cause skin irritation or sensitization, nor should they be heavily extracted from PVC through sweat. Thanks to its outstanding toxicological profile and low extraction rate, Hexamoll® DINCH is ideal for such applications.

Bikes and boats may be exposed to both, UV radiation and low temperatures but thanks to Hexamoll® DINCH’s UV resistance (in combination with light stabilizers such as Tinuvin®, Uvinul® or Chimassorb®)1 and low temperature flexibility, these products keep their properties even under high weather exposure.

Sometimes, sports & leasure products need to withstand mechanical stress and Hexamoll® DINCH is quite resistant and therefore suitable for such products.

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Upholstery (artificial leather)


Inflatable boats


Sport mats


Boxing gloves


Balls & rolls


Gym tool handles


Fishing lures