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Hexamoll® DINCH Brand Alliances

A brand alliance is publicly perceived as a close cooperation between BASF and your company by e.g. displaying the Hexamoll® DINCH brand logo together with your name and/ or brand name. It is a strategic marketing tool used for endorsement of soft-PVC products containing BASF’s Hexamoll® DINCH as primary plasticizer.

Advantages for you as a manufacturer may be:

  • Show consumers the use of the toxicologically advantaged product Hexamoll® DINCH as an ingredient of the end-product
  • Leave anonymity and create more transparency
  • Justify price premiums
  • Set trends in the market with the use of Hexamoll® DINCH
  • Differentiate from competitors
  • Benefit from Hexamoll® DINCH's outstanding image as the first non-phthalate plasticizer in the market, developed and produced in Germany

The targeted brand alliance is generally a so-called “Ingredient Branding”, i.e. Hexamoll® DINCH is an ingredient of the final end-product and the you as the manufacturer advertise this ingredient together with your own company/ brand name.

How does it work?

1. Become a Hexamoll® DINCH Trusted Partner

Only members of the Hexamoll® DINCH Trusted Partner Program can apply to enter a brand alliance.

2. BASF internal Brand Alliance Check

Your BASF sales manager will conduct an interview with you about the intended brand alliance to better understand the objectives and background. We will then conduct an internal brand alignment check to evaluate your suitability for a brand alliance.

3. Sign an Ingredient Branding Contract

If the BASF internal brand alliance check is positive, we can continue: The usage of the Hexamoll® DINCH ingredient branding visualization is subject to a licensing agreement between you as the manufacturer and BASF SE. It defines the details of the brand alliance, e.g. logo layout and usage details.

4. Ready!

Your branded product is now ready to be placed on the shelf!

This is an example for a Brand Alliance with our Chinese Hexamoll® DINCH Trusted Partner Shing Hing Plastic Manufacturing Ltd. 

They produce toy figurines with Hexamoll® DINCH and market them under their "Wenno" brand.

We are happy to partner with them!

If you have questions, please contact your local BASF sales manager or contact us here.